Our Shop

Sweet Rendezvous is a family-owned delight in the heart of San Jose, California. Owners Shahrzad Fardi, BJ Fardi, and their two sons Faraz and Sahand all had one thing in mind when building Sweet Rendezvous from the ground up: to build a homey place where people of all ages, kids or adults, could all come together for a fantastic time and experience.

With this in mind, Sweet Rendezvous was decorated with only the most welcoming designs with all generations in mind. Once a kid walks into this place, their mouths open in awe as they indulge themselves in the world full of lollipops, cakes, and of course, ice creams, 52 yummy and some very unique flavors such as Ube (Purple Yam and Coconut), 1020 (Carmel, fudge, Oreos), Persian Nutella, and many more. Our ice creams are made by two of the best local creameries, Marianne’s and Loard’s, both well-known for their premium quality ice creams serving the bay area for the past 60 years.  So you know that when you eat an ice cream at Sweet Rendezvous, you are indulging in the real deal. And if you aren’t in the mood for ice cream (though it is highly unlikely), have no fear because there are plenty of other options here! Try one of our many European desserts and pastries or reward yourself to a sweet candy treat.

With all these fantastic food options, there is just one more thing that we thought you might need on the Sweet Rendezvous experience. Here, we didn’t want to give standard service; we wanted to go above and beyond. At Sweet Rendezvous, you can expect only the best service by one of our trained professionals. Our goal is to make sure that anyone who walks through those doors is fully experiencing the best products, ambience, and service they can possibly get.  So come on down, get a ice cream, try some desserts, spend precious moments with the family, and “rendezvous” for a wondrous time all here at the one, the only Sweet Rendezvous Ice Cream and More.